What a Wonderful World

April 7, 2020 – July 8, 2020


The Lafayette Art Association has provided the Lafayette Photographic Society with the opportunity to exhibit at the Lafayette Consolidated Government Building this spring.  Any paid member of the Lafayette Photographic Society is eligible to participate.


The theme of this year’s exhibition is What a Wonderful World.  It is entirely up to you as to how you wish to interpret this theme.  It can be whatever you decide.  


Each member will be able to submit up to three images into the exhibition. These images can be uploaded to the club’s website in the category “What a Wonderful World.”  


All images should be submitted to the club’s website by:  Sunday, March 15, 2020


Makers will deliver the image(s) to the LCG Building for hanging by 9:00 a.m. on: Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Makers will remove images on:  Monday, July 8, 2020


If the club chooses to have a reception for friends and family, that date will be given at a later time.


Frequently asked questions:


1.    Are there any restrictions as to size of image(s)?  No.

Any size image may be entered.  Images must be framed and ready to hang.  

2.    Are canvasses, metal prints, etc., acceptable?  Yes.  

Canvasses must be gallery wrapped if not being placed in a frame.  All unframed wrapped canvases must be painted on the sides and/or have photographic image wrapped around edges. Nude or unfinished canvasses are not acceptable.

3.    Are there rules for matting and framing?  Yes.

Mounts and frames should be neutral, neat, clean, of professional standard, and in proportion to the work.

a.     Are colored frames accepted?  No.  

White, wood, gold, or colored frames will be disqualified. Black frames are preferred.

b.     Are colored matts accepted?  No.  

Matts must be neutral.  White, black, gray, and off white are good choices.  Images matted with colored matts will be disqualified.  

4.    Are there rules as to how images should be prepared for hanging?  Yes.

The LCG Building uses a hanging system that requires a wire be firmly affixed to the rear of the frame 1/3 the distance from the top of the frame.  An entry frame having only a serrated (alligator or toothed) type hanger will be disqualified.  Frames with backing boards that allow artwork to sit on a tabletop are not accepted, even if they have a wire as the frame will not fit flush to the wall.  Images without the necessary hanging system will be disqualified.

Gallery wrapped canvases are also allowed with a wire placed in the same location from the top. Screw eyes must be placed inside the canvas frame and not protrude from the back of the canvas.

5.    Are watermarks acceptable?  Yes.

6.    Are images available for sell?  Yes.

It is preferred that you try to sell your image(s).  Remember that the Lafayette Art Association will take 30% of the sale, so be sure to price your image(s} accordingly.

7.    Are there specific requirements for identifying images?  Yes.

All images should have a label of some kind securely attached in some way to the back of the image.  This label should contain the name of the maker, the name of the image, the price of the image, and the phone number of the maker. 




·     A minimum of 50 images need to be entered in order to have a successful show.  At the present time we have 6.  

·     Images do not have to be already framed in order to submit images to competition. If you choose to do so images can be matted and framed the night before they need to be brought to the Lafayette Consolidated Government Building.

·     Images do not have to be recently taken images.  If you participated in Freeze Frame you can enter the same images.  

·     The goal is to get every member to enter at least one image.  If you have trouble selecting an image refer to images that you printed for the club’s print competitions or the projected competitions. 

·     The size of the image framed is not required in order to enter the exhibition.

·     If you say you are going to bring images to hang in the exhibition, we are counting on you to follow through with your commitment.  

·     If for any reason more images are submitted than wall space is available, an outside photography expert may be asked to determine the entries that will actually be entered into the competition.  (This would be a great problem to have.)

·     Assistance is needed to hang this show.  Please give serious consideration to lending a hand to get this exhibition hung.  If you can help, please let me know.  


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